Romeo, Oh Romeo, I hear you Romeo

     We have two cats. Both of them are rescue animals. One is named Highway (because she was found in a carrying  crate on the highway by my sister) and the other is named Romeo because he is so affectionate. They both have their funny little personalities. For example, Highway will hide anywhere she can when we have company over. If she needs to relocate while company is still present she will slink across the floor as if staying low means we can’t see her white a grey coat against the dark brown wood floor. It is amusing to watch. She is quiet and when it is just the family at home she will crawl up into your lap and allow you to love on her. She will quietly purr as you pet her and  she will climb up on your chest and rub her head against yours. 

   Romeo, however, is very social and very vocal. He will greet anyone at any time. He will drool on you (it is sooooo gross) and purr like a freight train. He just wants our attention and loves to crawl up in your lap and knead our legs until they are just the right consistency to lay down and sleep. However, Romeo has something else he does, he meows to let you know he needs something. If you have ever seen the “Simon’s Cat” videos online… well that is Romeo. Meow! Meow! Meow! Meow! Very loud and louder if you do not respond in a timely manner. 

    Each morning when I open my bedroom door there he is, waiting to greet me. He wants to tell me of the abuse he has suffered during the night as he starved to death while staring at his empty food bowl. He meows out his frustrations and begs to be fed while I stumble my way, blurry eyed, to the coffee pot to get that started. His voice gets louder and more frantic. I imagine it would sound a little like this in human language, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!? I AM STARVING AND YOU ARE MAKING COFFEE?!?!? HELLO?” 

    Once the coffee is started I begin to make my way to his bowl. This is the funny thing, the moment he realizes I am about to give him the food he feels he so desperately needs he will run over to me and get right in my way. I will be stumbling over him to try and get to his food bin. I have often spoken to him at these moment with my own frustrations, “Romeo, I am trying to give you what you want! Why are you getting in my way?”

    This morning when I was repeating this everyday routine I said, “Romeo, will you stop it! I am trying to help you!” And there is was, that moment when I just picture God clearing His throat. Hmmmm… 

    Now don’t misunderstand me, God does not stumble over us while trying to supply our needs. It doesn’t work like that because He is God. I do find in my desperation (or excitment) that I jump ahead of what God wants me to do. I struggle against Him at moments, or wrestle with Him. I question Him sometimes. I act very much like a little kid pushing boundaries, or a loud cat desperatly wanting attention. My walk with God is not perfect, but He loves me regardless of my stuborn nature. And with every trial I go through he is teaching me to trust in Him more and more. He is showing me His hand of provision. He is pouring out measure upon measure of faith for me to cling to and reminding me that He knows me better and deeper than I know myself … because He made me. 

   So tomorrow morning when I open my bedroom door and there sits Romeo, vocal and starving, I think I will pause, smile, and thank God for such a daily reminder to trust in Him.


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